GIS and Data Management

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data management are sophisticated ways to store, organize, manage, analyze and share both spatial and non-spatial information. These systems provide relevant and up-to-date project or organization information to help you manage data integral to your project’s success.

Clients choose data management/GIS for its many benefits, which may include better, more efficient organization; potential cost and time savings; and improved, informed decision-making.

Developing a GIS will allow you to store and maintain engineering drawings, maps and other data you need in one comprehensive data source. From aerial photography, utility locations and zoning maps to survey data, facility dimensions and floodplain delineations, data can range greatly from project to project. Hanson’s team can design a system to help you organize existing information or provide you with a framework for gathering and storing information in the future.     

By using GIS, your organization or project team can share information efficiently and effectively — even with outside sources — through either a wide-area network (WAN) or a secured Internet/Extranet connection.

Our GIS and data management services include custom application design and development, custom reporting, database design and development, mobile application development and training.